SINCE 1924

Since 1924, three generations of expert turners have made T.a.m.i.l. a European leader in the vast sector of wood turning and micro-turning, standing out for its quality, precision, range of products, production capacity, punctuality, competitiveness and flexibility. The key to T.a.m.i.l.'s success has been built on regular investments, ongoing research into technological and operational solutions and a natural propensity to ensure customer satisfaction, combined with a clear genetic passion over three generations for producing quality work. Our website only contains a part of the many items we've produced for our customers, but it should provide a stimulating view of the many uses of properly turned wood across multiple industries. And hopefully this will stimulate you to find new uses, shapes, colours and sizes, and to work with T.a.m.i.l. to find the perfect wood and the ideal solutions to turn a need or an idea into a competitive, quality product.